Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gross Motor Play

We love fall!  Fall is a time when the weather is so nice we get to play outside longer!  After snack each day we go outside for our gross motor play.  Here are some outdoor activities we do when we are outside each day.

Here are the boys during snack.  We were eating cheese sticks on this day.  (That's a play cell phone in the picture, by the way!  Not sure why he had it out!) 

 Here are our hungry girls just off the bus from school.  Snack time is fun!

This is outside on the jungle gym.  This is great for gross motor development as they climb, swing, and play with this equipment.

This is our play house outside.  These girls are playing inside and one is climbing on top!  I believe they were playing "school".  This is great dramatic play for them.  I think one even brought out her backpack as a prop.

 We love the merry-go-round.  Maybe we love it too much because sometimes they come to me dizzy from too much spinning!

 On this day they were putting rocks on the slide and then sliding down.  

Our basketball champs!  I told them to look over and smile and after several minutes of organizing their pose this is what they came up with.  They are funny kids!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to our Blog!

Thanks for checking out our blog here at the Tree House!

School has started and we are getting into the swing of things around here.  Here are some pictures of what we do before and after school at the Tree House.  For privacy and safety of the kids I won't be putting up their names.  

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During our open centers in the afternoon, she chose to do the Carpet Center.  Here she created this very symmetrical pattern with the ribbons, scarves, cones, and balls.  I had to take a picture!  

Our educational activity offered on this day was to weave.  Here she is showing us the pattern she made for her weaving project.  This took her some time and she was excited to show it off!

Here these two boys are building roads for the cars and trains.  This is the Block Center.  

This is the Carpet Center yesterday.  They were recreating what was made the other day.

He is dancing to the music on the radio here.  I tried to get a shot of him dancing!  This is the Entertainment Center.

This is the Art Center.  It is definitely a favorite for the kids.  Today they chose to use stamps and rollers for their creations.  

Here these friends are playing a card game.  This is towards the end of the day when the other centers are closed down to help with cleaning.  They are playing table games. 

Our boys and their legos!  Whatever keeps them entertained and happy!  This is towards the end of the day and they chose this for their table activity.  I'm loving these smiles!

Thanks for checking out our blog.  We hope you love it and can feel connected to your kids through it.

Tree House Teachers