Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last day of Summer in the Tree House

Here are some pictures from our last day of Summer fun!  

Adventures of Nature: We caught a Frog!!!

As we were sauntering to the playground the other day, we noticed a frog sitting on the fence, so with a little teamwork... a few students caught the frog and we placed it in a clear critter catcher for observation.  The students named the frog "Vela" after a well loved and wonderful 3'S Teacher, Ms. Vela. 

(Side Note: Don't Worry.. We did Let Vela Go After Our Observation And She Is Now Roaming The Woods Of Antioch.)

We made predictions to whether we thought it was a toad or a frog and we also discussed the frog's life cycle and we compared frog vs. toad.  The kids enjoyed watching the frog hop around and make funny faces at them.  They recorded their predictions and information they learned in their journals.

Since we are located near the woods and the Percy Priest Lake, we get to observe various types of animals, birds, and insects.  Here are some pictures from our frog experience and some other random nature we have found along the way.  I HOP you enjoy! :)

Field trip to Smyrna Skate Center.....the last trip of the Summer!

We had a blast on our last field trip to the Skate Center!  Our kids enjoyed skating and of course....the arcade and concessions!  They also enjoyed the skate races against kids from other centers.  One of our students won first place in the races!  Here are a few pictures from our skating adventures.....