Monday, December 16, 2013

Building Project

The students were asked to get into groups and create a they ended up creating a Zoo, an Airport, a "Spa of Life", Housing for the people, a Palace, and much more.  I allowed their creativity to take over and they had a blast!  Students used a plethora of props and items found among the center.  They played and thought outside of the box...which led to many questions and problem solving, especially while building the Airport...overall the kids had a productive day of building and play.  They can't wait to build again tomorrow....

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fall Fun @ HTPL Tree House

We have had an exiting Fall so far here at Holly Tree.  Our School Agers are beyond creative and talented!! Here are some pictures of what we've been up to during the past few months. Dr.Green,A Neighborhood Dentist, Came ToTeach Us About Brushing OurTeeth.  Aside From All Of The Fun, Our Kids Collected Items For Our Operation ChristmasChild Boxes!  We Have Had A Falltastic Time!! Enjoy The Pictures! God Bless!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Thinking outside of the box.....

Our students here at Holly Tree are extremely creative!  They were encouraged to take a box and create something out of it.  The children worked together and  began to create projects such as a doll house, a mini skate board park, a turtle shell, and various other creations.  Here are some pictures of our kids hard at work!