Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rainy Day? No Problem!

Whenever it is rainy or too cold to go outdoors, we like to play fun, competitive games indoors. Indoor volleyball is one of our favorites! It is super simple and most importantly; FUN! We had some extra streamer leftover from the preschool Christmas program, so we decided that it would be fun to separate the entire room to make a huge "volleyball net." We also had some extra balloons, so we used them as volleyballs. After splitting into two teams, the friendly competition started. The number of rounds played seemed endless! :)

Arts and crafts are definitely our "go-to's" when we are stuck indoors due to weather. One of our friends taught us how to make paper airplanes! We love to make airplanes of all shapes and sizes, and compare them to see how high and fast they can go. Not only do we love creating and flying planes, we also like to explore nature; especially caves! We had tons of fun making caves out of cardboard boxes we had in our art center. Some of us chose to make bat caves, while some chose bear caves. We enjoyed sharing about our caves and the animals that live in them. Who knew that simple crafts can turn into learning experiences?!

Looking for some fun indoor games to play at home? Try these easy activities! There are many to choose from that will entertain the whole family! :)

20 Fun Indoor Games :)