Monday, September 24, 2012

Play Dough Fun!

On Thursday last week we made play dough from scratch.  It was a center-wide activity set for Wednesday, but with Chapel on Wednesday we ran out of time.  So Thursday was our play dough day.  We sat around and I asked each person to help with a certain task involved with the process.  Someone read the instructions, someone poured the ingredients, someone mixed up the ingredients, and we all took turns putting our hands in to mix it up even more!

The play dough consisted of flour, salt, oil, and food coloring.  It was good for the kids to see how simple something like making play dough can be.  Maybe they'll try it at home now! :)

 Here we are getting ready to dip our hands in the mixture to start mixing it.

Taking turns pouring the ingredients into the mixture.  We also learned about measuring cups too which is a good skill to have when working in the kitchen.

I'm looking forward to fall break when we do more cooking like this.  It is a challenge to get each kid involved in the process and not make a huge mess, but it's well worth the time to see each child having fun and learning.

We love play dough!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Self-Control - a life long lesson

Oh I love Wednesday because we get to go to Chapel.  I feel that what is taught in Chapel is the most important part of our week here at Tree House.  These are such great truths and scripture for them to read and learn about each week!

This week was about the word self-control.  Such a great lesson for any age group!  These kids are old enough to begin to understand what this word means and how they can start using it in their lives.  Mr. Kendall had us read scripture with self-control and talk about what it means.  We also had a great lesson on how to apply it to our lives.

Thanks to Ms. Mel for using her camera to take pictures!  These are so much more clear than my camera.  :)  Ms. Mel is a new teacher helping us out in school-age on a regular basis now.  We are glad to have her here!

In this picture we are telling what we think self-control is.

These guys are showing self-control right now by listening during this lesson.

 Mr. Kendall reads scripture and asks students to come up and read for him too.

I think the kids are starting to get more from Chapel and seeing it as a learning time that can be fun too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nashville Humane Association comes to visit!

On Tuesday, September 11, our first special guest of the school year came to visit!  Since our theme this week is "My Pets" the Nashville Humane Association came to visit.  

The main topic of conversation that Ms. Celia and Ms. Stefanie talked to us about was what to do when an unfamiliar dog approaches you.  They were told to stand like a tree.  Here is a pic of them doing this:

Chester is walking on a leash with Ms. Stefanie for the kids to practice how to stand like a tree.  They enjoyed this.  But I think it also taught them an important lesson of how to protect themselves if a dog approaches them.

We played a game where we observed the differences and commonalities between humans and pets.

Several of us got to stand up and put the pictures on the venn diagram to show the similarities and differences.

Chester is a great dog.  He is a boxer mix and was very friendly with all the children.  We all got to pet him as well.  

I feel the kids learned a lot and hopefully gained some lifelong knowledge on how to treat animals.  I hope this will provide them a lifetime of animal safety and hopefully some animal lovers!