Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spend Your Break at the Treehouse!

Fall Break, Spring Break, Christmas, and Summer!

Holly Tree at Priest Lake is open for all school-age children during the breaks. If you are in need of quality childcare for your son or daughter during their school breaks throughout the year, then look no further than Holly Tree. Here your child can continue to stimulate their minds, while also still having fun--like a child should during a break. 

They can meet and befriend children from other schools while enjoying a diverse and safe environment. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack are also included with their time with us. And of course their health is the most important factor for our daily meals; they always are provided with a well-rounded meal that is as enjoyable as it is nourishing.
Important topics are discussed, and lessons learned. Here is a picture of Hannah leading bible club. The children sometimes lead clubs as they are a good way to encourage passion for topics as well learning leadership skills. The children also engage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that seem as exciting and playful as they are educational.   
While Science and Math are necessary and important the children also enjoy playing with musical instruments, and one of the more popular activities: painting. Here Jada and Clarissa share their art projects that include found objects in nature as well as their own free art. These are just some examples of the plenty of activities and opportunities that await your child at Holly Tree. Call us to tour today!